CBB033 Human Biology Management Solved

Task 1

a) Using the case study explain how four different body systems work together to maintain homeostasis and what Mr Ojomu can do to improve his overall physical and mental health.

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b) Using two different body systems you are going to explain the structure and function of these systems in maintaining human health including annotated diagrams..  

Task 2

Using the case study provided you need to explain different types of disease that Miss Smith is at risk of developing including the effects of those diseases. This is to be done in a table.

Task 3

You will be given information about the genetic history of a family and will write a short explanation of how the disease may be inherited.  You will be required to complete a range of Punnett squares and explain your findings.

Where you use material from textbooks, the internet or other sources, this must be referenced using in-text citations in the Harvard style. A list of references should also be included at the end of your work. Referencing is required to demonstrate that you have met the Assessment Criteria and passed the unit.

You should keep to the specified word count for each task. Not meeting the word limit will affect your grade. Work that exceeds the word count excessively will not be assessed beyond the word limit.

Learner declaration:

The explanations and evaluations in this work have been developed and written by me.

I have not submitted material copied from the Internet, text books or other sources in place of my own thinking and writing.

When I have referred to the work of others I have done so to discuss, comment on or argue their ideas.

I have kept quotation and paraphrasing to an absolute minimum and only to support points I have made.

I understand that referencing the names of authors whose ideas I have used without including my own interpretation of those ideas, does not meet the assessment criteria and cannot attract the Pass, Merit or Distinction grades.

1.1 Explain how human body systems work together to maintain homeostasis.

2.1 Explain the structure and functions of at least two systems.

3.1 Compare and contrast at least three categories of disease.

3.2 Explain with examples their effect on the body.

3.3 Explain how one dominant and one recessive genetic disease are inherited.

1.Understand the basic human body system.

2.Understand the structure and function of some of the basic systems of the human body.

3.Understand the main causes of disease.

GD1: Understanding of the subject

In order to achieve a Merit, your selection of systems for Task 1a will include the endocrine and nervous systems. The response to Task 3 will include a detailed explanation for either recessive or dominant genetic disease inheritance.

GD2: Application of knowledge

In Task 1, your work will demonstrate that you understand the links between the lifestyle and symptoms that Mr Ojomu has been experiencing.  Your explanations will be clear regarding what changes Mr Ojomu needs to make and how this will affect his body systems. Your answers will include a very good explanation of how the body systems you selected work together to maintain the health of a human being.  Your work will be supported by appropriate facts.  For Task 2 you will justify the choice of disease you have selected under each type with some clear explanations of the impact of the diseases chosen.

Task 3 will demonstrate you understand how a genetic disease is inherited and you will be able to provide genotypic and phenotypic outcomes with a definitive answer with some reasoning (this may reference fertilisation).

hieve a Distinction, in Task 1 you will include a full explanation of the role of the endocrine and nervous systems in maintaining homeostasis. The response to Task 3 will include a detailed explanation for both recessive and dominant genetic disease inheritance.

GD2: Application of knowledge

In Task 1 your explanations will be detailed, with the predicted outcome of the changes in lifestyle clearly supported by relevant facts and will relate clearly to Mr Ojomu’s symptoms. You will give relevant examples of how the body systems work together in relation to the state of health of Mr Ojomu and the lifestyle changes suggested.  In Task 2 you will include relevant facts and examples of the choice of disease you have considered Miss Smith is at risk of contracting.  You will justify why you have chosen them based on the lifestyle choices Miss Smith has made in the case study.

In Task 3 you will include clear reference to possible genotypes and genotypic and phenotypic ratios and your explanation will demonstrate you understand genetic inheritance.  Part of your answer will include reference to gamete formation, haploid and diploid cells in relation to a sex linked trait.

Ensure that you proofread the written tasks carefully so that you limit errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar as much as possible. You should ensure that your written work is clear and succinct, with your ideas ordered logically so that your work is fluent and easy to follow.

Your work will have an academic tone, you will use medical terms correctly and it will be referenced using the Harvard System accurately. You will include a reference list, and this will show that you have used a range of resources, including resources that you have sourced yourself. The resources that you have found yourself will be consistently relevant and appropriate for your studies.

a)Explain the effect of cystic fibrosis on the body

b)Mr and Mrs Connelly are planning to start a family. However, Mr Connelly is concerned that, as his brother was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF), he may be a CF carrier.  Their GP explains how Mr Connelly may carry the faulty CFTR gene using a Punnett square.  

Create a Punnett square using to show to Mr Connelly his chances of inheriting the gene from his parents if both of them were CFTR carriers and explain the results of the Punnett square

c)In a separate Punnett square show possible outcomes for their children if Mr Connelly is a CFTR carrier but his wife is not and explain the results.

d)Explain the effect of Huntingdon’s Disease on the body

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