business of the creative industries environment

1.Individual Essay 3,000 words

2.More analysis

3.Don’t digress

4.Need to closely integrate the theoretical knowledge related to the material link in the document

5.Providing policy and case study material that supports your argument, what would be the most suitable business environment for creative practice? As part of your answer, please consider:

  1. (i) What are the conditions needed for technological innovation? What is the environment

described in the UK Technology Strategy?

  1. (ii) What is the optimal environment presupposed in a creative hub?

Assessment 1 is a formal essay, which combines the theory and conceptual ideas relating to innovation, relational economies, and social capital discussed in class and gained through the module’s reading, with the observations and critical thinking of Leicester as a creative case study. An essay that attempts to describe a creative ecosystem or describes the theories discussed in class or Leicester’s cultural/economic policies, but fails to apply this to the question, or to formulate an argument will not pass the assignment. The emphasis is on your ability to critique theories, apply these to real life case studies, and to build arguments. As such, assignment 1 tests your learning against the following learning outcomes:

  1. Demonstrateacomprehensiveunderstandingofthecreativeindustriesandtheirroleinthecreative economy (25%).
  2. Evaluatecriticallytheoreticalconcepts,analysingtherelationshipbetweencreativity,innovation,the macro-economy, and a locality (25%).
  3. Applyknowledgebyanalysingconceptualideasandcreatingnewconceptsandsolutionsforareallife scenario (25%).
  4. Communicateresearchfindingsandconclusionseffectivelytosupportcogencyofargumentandto demonstrate academic engagement (25%).

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