BSC 1005 Life Science


ABO blood typing uses 3 alleles. From your course notes answer the following two questions:

1. Which two are dominant? _________  Write the two dominant allele genotypes, using the capital letter I, and then a superscript for each of them. ______________________

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2. Which allele is recessive? __________  Write the genotype (letters) for the recessive trait, beginning with the lower case i. ____________.

Complete a Punnett square for the following scenario:

Mom is heterozygous for blood type B and Dad is blood type AB. (make sure to put the parent alleles in the correct places outside of the square, and fill in each of the boxes within the square) 

Place the Punnett square in your word document and answer the following questions:

1. What are all the possible blood types of their offspring? __________________________

2. What is the probability of their child having blood type AB? ________  Blood type O? _____________

Part IV: Deleterious Recessive Traits 

A recessive trait is one where the individual must have two recessive alleles for the phenotype of the trait to be visible.  The recessive trait can be carried from generation to generation through heterozygous individuals. A person who is heterozygous for a harmful or deleterious trait is said to be a “carrier”” of the trait.

If an individual receives 2 recessive alleles for a harmful or deleterious trait

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