BSBSUS401 Implement and Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Practices

PART AA.Legislation and sources of information for resources and initiatives1.Identify the environmental regulations which apply in your local government area relevant to your workplace activities and provide details what is covered by these regulations and by-laws.2.Identify any resources and initiatives which are in place or available in your state to help business to reduce their waste and use resources more efficiently.3.List 1 initiative that is relevant to your sector within the Tourism, Hospitality and Events Industry and list all resources which are available through these initiative(s). Outline how these would be used.4.Create a table, listing all energy resources that are used in your workplace and outline for which work processes these are used.B.Measuring current consumption and identifying existing procedures of work practices and purchasing:Conduct a practical assessment of your organisation’s resources and practices. You may use the forms attached below to collect your data or any software available to you (for example you may create a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel).For this purpose you need to complete the following activities:1.Take the current meter reading for gas, electricity and water.2.Create a table or list and enter all equipment and appliances used in one specific department (for example Kitchen, F&B etc.), and measure the consumption of electricity as listed on the appliance labels.3.Measure the flow rate for water of various taps using the formula “Flow rate = Volume/Time (L/min)”4.Inspect the type of lighting used and determine the KW/H (1000 Watt = 1 KWH) used in that department based on typical or given workplace practices during operation.5.Inspect the provisions for recycling.6.Determine the intervals of waste collection and determine the size of the cubicle(s) used.7.This task is performed outside: Wearing gloves and using tongs, physically inspect the contents of garbage bins from your department and inspect the approximate waste for each category (Glass, paper, card board, green waste etc.) and express these in percent (approximately).8.Determine the energy consumption ratings, use and settings of air conditioners and heaters where applicable and document the potential KWH usage for these units.

9.Determine the resources required for any plants, landscaping or outside areas as relevant.10.List the purchasing strategies which are currently in place including environmentally sustainable approaches; carbon foot print considerations (for example use local supplies from growers etc.)

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