BIOU101-Introduction to Biology

1.Having free earlobes is a dominant trait compared to attached earlobes. There are many other genetic traits that follow simple inheritance patterns (such as blood type, widow’s peak, freckles, etc.). Please find one such trait and make a pedigree chart for your family. Include yourself and your siblings, your parents and their siblings, and your grandparents. 

2. Mutations have been responsible for many disease. Answer the following questions to demonstrate how a change in DNA sequence affects the sequence of the protein. 

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a. For the given sequence of DNA, make its complementary anti-sense NEW strand 

b.Take the new strand of DNA and code the messenger RNA that would be created from it: 

c.Use the strand of messenger RNA  to determine the codons and make the peptide sequence 

d.Suppose there was a deletion of the second A in the mRNA (see above) – what would the resulting polypeptide look like?  

e.Why are deletions and frame shift mutations so devastating? 

f.List a disease caused by a mutation. What is the effect of this mutation? Please mention what kind of mutation it is. 

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