BIOL 160 Human Biology


Written Assignment 1: Trace the Scientific Method in a Primary Research Scientific Article Addresses course outcomes 1 and 4: use knowledge of biological principles and the scientific method to ask and answer relevant questions about the human body weigh and make health-related decisions based on an understanding of the value and limits of scientific knowledge and the scientific method Before attempting this assignment, you might want to revisit the Scientific Method Tutorial in the Science Learning Center under the Course Content area. Process: Read the article summaries below, and choose one for your assignment report. Review the assignment questions.

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Retrieve the full article using the hyperlink (UMUC permalink) provided right below the title. Write a report that includes answers to the listed questions, numbered, in order. Save your paper in the following format: LastName_Writing Assignment1.doc and submit to your Assignments folder for grading by the due date. Your paper will automatically be evaluated by when you submit it to your assignments folder.

After you submit your assignment, you will see your submission listed in the “Completion Status” column. Click on your submission. This will take you to the Submission History. You will see your assignment with the Turnitin Similarity Score and color-coded bar. Click on the color-coded bar to review the Originality Report. This will take you to the Feedback Studio in a separate screen. Note: You will likely see results within a minute or two after you submit your assignment. Allow up to 15 minutes just in case the server is experiencing any delays. You can view the match score and the matching sources using the “red” icons in the righthand side panel. It will also highlight the matching text in your document.

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