BECN150 Microeconomics

You will select, read and analyze 4 articles from a variety of newspapers or magazines to provide some ‘real value’ to the theoretical contents that we deal with in the class. You may use web sites as sources of articles but do provide a hard copy of the articles you are reviewing. Each of the 4 articles should relate to a differentmarket structure, ie 1 each from Perfect Competition, Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly and Monopoly. Articles should not be earlier than  November1′ 2017. Articles should be critiqued (as explained below). The critique should be typed, double- spaced, with correct grammar and spelling.


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Title Page

Include your name, student number& course section


Table of Contents

Author, source, date and the relevant market


Basic Theme

This is the idea or the argument of the article (no more than a few sentences)

Analyze the headline with regards to its relevance.


Critical Review

Carefully analyze the article, using your critical thinking skills. (4-5 paragraphs). Relate the article to the microeconomic concept covered in the course. Your opinion on the issue is important.



You should include relevant economic terms used in the article and define them.



2 positive and 2 Normative statements in each article.

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