BE535 Construction Methods And Technology

The module will take students through the process of planning projects through the design and construction stages of the construction of a low-rise development.  Focussing on ‘constructability’, this module highlights the demands faced by those involved in managing the construction environment and the complex issues that arise  when integrating new and more sustainable materials, technologies’ and construction methods, whilst ensuring that the Health, Safety and Welfare of those carrying out the production operation.

Module Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module, students will be able to:

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1. Demonstrate through a precedent based culture an understanding of buildings  elements, materials, products and new technologies used in the construction of low-medium rise buildings.2. Develop ‘constructability’ construction method statements for the production and  presentation of low-medium rise buildings taking a reasoned account of the construction environment.3. Demonstrate an understanding and application of Health, Safety and Welfare procedures, planning and the implementation of those processes through detailed construction method statements for the production of low-medium rise buildings.

Then… Carry out an ‘appropriate’ site survey including topographical survey; whilst researching and collating case study material [Case Based Precedence CBP] and propose a suitable ‘design grid’ and layout ~ THIS IS NOT AN ARCHITECTURAL design project, don’t go mad in ‘design’; your layout/proposal should be clearly focussed on the ‘constructability’ of the project and maximise the site ‘footprint’ to gain the maximum number of parking spaces, whilst leading to the provision of a flexible structural design for the conference, leisure and an art gallery space (‘fit out’ by others) to a high specification is envisaged to attract prestigious events in the  future ~ all this work is carried out in order for you to be able to submit the following:

Actual Presentations take place during End of module and continuous assessment Week 15· Introduction, Group Project Proposal Logic 20% (Gp mark)· Individual Topographical Cross-Section(s) 10%· Individual Design Method Statements 50%· Case Based Precedence / applicability (per section) 20%

Work up your own ‘Construction Method Statements’ to deliver your allocated Work Package.

Study and analyse the proposed scheme and produce a comprehensive submission of ‘Construction Method Statements’ for that outlines the most effective and efficient way by which the scheme can be built to the client’s satisfaction.  Give due regards to ‘constructability’, methods, procedures, temporary works, speed, timing, cost, quality, health, safety and welfare; and the avoidance of disputes and delays. Use Case Based Precedence (CBP) and research information to underpin your reasoning  and suggested construction methods, please ensure it is appropriately referenced using  Harvard System.

Task 2

· Introduction / Layout / Conclusion 10%· Design Method Statements 30%· Tabulated Method Statements 20%· Descriptive Method Statements 10%· Programme/Planning (Gantt Chart) 10%· Application of Health, Safety & Welfare within MS 10% M Pass *· Appendices / Cals./Analysis/ Support material

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