answer questions 307

Focuses on technology in logistics. Answer the following questions and support your answer with research and industry examples:

1.Looking at telecommunications technology, what advances do you view as being most beneficial to logistics management? Explain your answer in detail with supporting research.

2.Discuss the importance of timely and accurate information to a logistics information system and give some examples that you have found to support your answer.

3.From a logistical perspective, explain the differences between online and in-store retailing.

4.Explain the concept of data mining and how it may be used in logistics.

5.Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of EDI.


Ensure professional presentation with proper spelling, grammar, etc.

Must have proper in-text citations and bibliography page where appropriate.

Organize with sub headings (Question 1, Question 2, etc.).

Include page numbers.

Include a cover page or paper header.

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