annotated bibliography and research question 1

For this assignment you will need:

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  • A formalized research question*
  • An annotated bibliography of at least six sources**(3 are from the essay you worked for me last week, so 3 new sources related to the economic of Mexico drug war) you consulted in developing the question. In 4 to 5 sentences, each annotation should describe:
    1. A formal citation in MLA style;
    2. The author’s central claims or argument;
    3. The key components of that argument; what evidence is used to support it;
    4. Its place in the broader literature about the topic and connections to your other sources.
    5. The sources should be contemporary.
    6. Attached is the essay you worked for me last week. Read the feedback and focus this new essay on the economic stuff of the cartel growth! Be Specific! Specificity is KEY! FOCUS ON THE ECONOMICS OF THE MEXICO DRUG WAR

Feedback: This is a nice start with some interesting sources – I’m not entirely sure, though, what direction you’re headed. The writeup suggests you’re looking at the growth of drug trafficking organizations (and here, ***specificity is key, because time and place matter**) and perhaps corruption, but your sources focus on the economics of the drug trade. So I’m not sure exactly what you want to focus on, which makes it harder for me to comment effectively. My sense is that you should follow your sources and focus on the economic stuff – it’s a tricky topic, but it’s a lot more narrowly defined than “cartel growth” more generally, and you’ve got sources for it.

Note: This assignment is graded primarily on the quality of the research, as demonstrated in the annotated bibliography section. Focus your attention there, not on developing the perfect question. If your research and analysis of sources is strong, a good question will eventually follow. * Your question should be written after your annotations, not before: it should reflect your understanding of the topic and your research, rather than a preconceived question.

Link for previous essay:

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