annotated bibliography 706

Annotated bibliography

This assignment gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge base in a specific area of challenge in social work practice.You will focus on the academic literature available on the topic as a beginning place to build your understanding of the issue.

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Select a topic that will be discussed at some point in this course.You can stick with the topic as it is defined and discussed in the course material or you can go outside of those definitions to consider another way of seeing the issue.You can also select topics that connect to the course material but may not be specifically addressed in the course.This is an invitation to focus on an issue that is relevant to you and your personal practice. This assignment connects directly to assignment number 3 as the topic remains the same.

Begin with an introductory section describing the issue you are focusing on for your assignment.You can talk about what made you choose this topic and tell me the frame for your reading. Review at least 2 academic resources (e.g. peer-reviewed journal articles or book chapters).Summarize the material then discuss both the quality of the resource and your personal response to the reading.

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This is an excellent resource to help you understand annotated bibliographies.

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