analyze one of the primary sources you will be using for your paper using the p a p e r technique as well as guidelines provided by your instructors discuss how and why your chosen primary source is important to your topic of study

This is the theme I chose but the only thing that has to be done is to analyze one document associated with the theme using the P.A.P.E.R method

Theme II: “Missing from history?” Women in the Ancient and Medieval World
Some modern scholars argue that the history of the ancient and medieval world is only half-written as half the population has often been ignored or “written out” of history. Over the last few generations, much has been done to correct this gap in our collective knowledge of the past; women clearly played essential roles throughout ancient and medieval societies. Your task is to research what roles women played and how their presence was conceptualized and addressed in anywhere from two to three different cultures/civilizations and to determine the scope of these roles and the ways in which women of all ages were portrayed and/or portrayed themselves. From this research, devise a thesis that will address your findings and better explain the “missing half” of our past.

It has to be 500 words, 12-point font, times new Roman, Chicago style with footnotes

and the only documents that are allowed for the topic can be found through Internet History Sourcebook

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