AHIS 1214 Art History 1214


The objective of this assignment is to write four critical responses to the content covered in eachmodule, your readings/viewings, and learning objectives. Upon successful completion of theseassignments, you will be able to:

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• Identify key works of art and visual culture from the Renaissance to the 20thcentury

Define critical terms related to art and visual culture from the Renaissance to the 20thcentury

Explain the changes and continuity of visual expressions from the Renaissance to the 20th

Analyze the iconography, symbolism, and forms of the period that continue to shape art

Make connections between the images viewed in class and the visual culture of our world

Describe the form, content, and context of art from the Renaissance to the 20thcentury


For these assignments, you will write four responses to the assigned readings/viewings based on theprompts. The topics will range from research essays to more personal responses depending on whichprompt you choose. You can write in first or third person. Some additional research may be required, aseach submission requires a minimum of four sources. Your writing assignments can also be posted toyour blog.

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