Add in library HTT 700 Destination Marketing Organization in Canada

For the annotated bibliography and the literature review, you read a number of academic articles and you should start to have a good understanding of the concepts and issues related to risk and crisis management. For the second half of the class, you will use that knowledge and apply it to professional situations.

The objective of assignment #3 is to understand how industry reacts to the covid-19 crisis.

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Add in library HTT 700 Destination Marketing Organization in Canada
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For this assignment, you can choose one of the following sectors:

(a) The tourism sector in Canada (e.g., TIAC; ITAC…)

(b) The restaurant sector in Canada (e.g., Restaurants Canada)

(c) The hotel sector in Canada (e.g., Hotel Association of Canada)

(d) The MICE (event) sector in Canada

(e) The airline sector in Canada

(f) Destinations (DMOs) in Canada

(g) The tourism sector globally (UNWTO, WTTCC…)

(h) The airline sector globally (IATA)

(i) The professional sport sector in North America

(j) Other sector (theme parks, travel agencies, tour operators, cruise lines, etc.)

For the sector you choose, you will identify: (1) professional associations that represent the sector and (2) two or three specific businesses / organizations that are part of that sector.

You will gather information related to how the sector responded to the crisis in the past three months. That information can be gathered from the organizations’ websites, their social media announcements, or business and general media articles. You should not focus on any one company or business, but assess how the sector, as a whole, responded.

A/ Your paper should have a title page, a title, and should follow the following format:

1. Introduction (What is the sector? How significant is it economically and in terms of employees? What is lost with the crisis?)

2. Responses to the crisis by professional associations (you can have subheadings, i.e., communication to industry; relations with governments; economics; establishing standards, etc.)

3. Government responses / actions (i.e., in response to sector lobbying)

4. Timeline (this should be in the form of a table that presents major points with dates)

5. Discussion (discuss what was achieved; compare to what the academic literature suggests; how do you assess the sector responses? What are your suggestions or reservations?)

6. List of references (References should be APA style; they should be mostly professional references)

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