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In Module three you will read Henrik Ibsen’s classic play A Doll’s House. Please note that while you read the play, you might want to simultaneously watch one or more of the YouTube versions of the play. Virtually all students say that watching the play gave them a much better understanding than just reading it without any other support. Reading a play is not like reading a short story or a novel, and until you get used to it, you might find yourself having a difficult time with who is talking to whom and what is going on. This is the only play we are going to read, and if you find yourself struggling, crank up YouTube and watch one or more of the versions posted there. That will make the reading easier, and I will let you know that you are going to be writing about watching a play as opposed to reading one in a future writing assignment.

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The reading in Module 3 you might have found a bit challenging because not everyone has read a play before although most of the time our high school experience often includes reading a play by Shakespeare, often MacBeth, Romeo and Juliet or Julius Caesar. If you supported your reading of the play by watching a YouTube version of A Doll’s House, no doubt you were much relieved to understand aspects of the play much better. You will not be disappointed in your experience because, as I mentioned earlier, you will be writing a paper on the experience of reading a play as opposed to watching one very soon now. Even though Ibsen’s play is quite old now, it still resonates with audiences today because of the marriage issues and women’s rights.

Module 3 Discussion Topic

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Module 3 A Doll’s House Discussion

Can readers or viewers identify with any of the elements of the play today considering the play is over one hundred years old?

What subjects are still relevant today?

Does anyone change in the play? If so, who? When can you tell?

Reading or seeing the play today, is there any way we can see why it was originally banned in England?

Why do you think it might have been banned?

Is the title important? If so, how?

Do you think the play can still shock audiences today?

Can you think of a movie with a similar theme that might move audiences the way this play did when it first appeared?

Do not just answer but discuss one or more of the above questions, and do not forget that another part of this graded assignment is for you to read other student posts and reply to at least TWO.

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