9929 Competitive Market Positioning


Develop a market re-positioning strategy for the company you chose for your assignment.

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1. Choose one (1) company only:

• Red Bull
• The Iconic
• Your own current business, or prospective business.

2. Create a competitor positioning map. In other words, how is the brand perceived by the target consumer, in relation to the competition. Make sure you create a visual representation of this map.

3. Answer the following six (6) questions, including discussion and justification, about the competitive brand positioning strategy:

a) What position do we have now?
b) What position do we want to own?
c) From whom must we win this position?
d) Does our creative strategy match it?

4. Re-create the new positioning map. This will showcase how the brand is to be perceived differently. Make sure you also present this visually.

5. Formulate and justify a market communications strategy for your new position .

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