300-500 word post on under appreciated financial reporting

This is for a class BUS 6003 Foundations of Accounting and Finance.

You will complete an initial posting with 300-500 words answering the desired question(s) or proposing your solution to the problem given in the forum. Your posting should include a reference to your textbook and two additional peer reviewed sources.

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300-500 word post on under appreciated financial reporting
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  • The treatment of current assets is often underappreciated in financial reporting but mismanagement of these economic resources can doom a business.
    • In your organization, which current assets are prominent resources and how are they managed internally and reported externally?
    • Do you see accounting standards as identified in our textbook used in how these resources are managed?


The Textbook is: Marshall, D., McManus, W., & Viele, D. (2017) Accounting: What the Numbers Mean. 11th Edition. McGraw Hill-Irwin Publishing. New York, New York. ISBN: 9781259909443


If you don’t have access to the textbook, you can write the paper without the reference.

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