3 2 1 review on kroger s global strategy 1

A paper about Kroger Global strategy that has 3 points and 2 questions and a Conclusion as the sample shows



  1. The aim of Target’s website relaunch was to give a more indepth narrative of their company to the media especially which has increased visits to the site.
  2. Instead of having press conferences or releases, Target is aiming to have media pick up stories about Target directly from their site, which they are. Examples include a national TV morning show using a Tevolio dress story and the Huffington Post utilizing a mac-and-cheese story.
  3. Instead of just talking about Target, the company is grabbing ideas from our culture and using them for stories as well such as entertainment and lifestyle. Thus, having a bigger pull on customers.


  1. Why did Target decide to revamp their website? Was it because of low numbers or did the want an opportunity to be the best not just good?
  2. This shift in marketing seems to have occurred at approximately the same time that Target had issues moving into

    and with credit cards. Did those issues cause the marketing shift?

1 Conclusion

Target is leading the market of big, chain stores in many ways and their websites are no exception. Through utilizing entertainment and culture, Target has created a site that doesn’t just serve to show off their products but also includes interesting news breaks. All of which have increased the visits to their site.e increased the visits to their site.

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