24 hours

For this module, research the cost of automobile gasoline in your area of the country (world), 
(I live in Maryl
, U.S.) 
 then the cost of a barrel of oil on the U.S. futures market.  Plot these two different costs on a graph (you may use Excel or any other software to do this) for each week for the past year.  What is the relationship between these two variables on your graph?  Why do you think this is?  What conclusions can you draw from this information as an astute consumer who is anxious to save as much money as possible?  What do you think will happen to these two prices over the next year?  Why?  Post your graph and the answers to each of these questions in the Cafe for this Module.  Remember — don’t wait until the last minute — you’ll lose points!
Be thorough, because this is your first participation grade.

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