2 question 3

Read all four of the articles in Module 2 (well, 3 articles and Influencer doc) and write ~250 words analyzing whichever one interested you the most.

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1) “Dopamine Fasting” (Links to an external site.)

2) Gen Z & Tik-Tok (Links to an external site.)

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3) Tik-Tok Confessions

part 2:

Ok, we’re going to do a modified version of that no cell phone assignment you read about. I don’t want to take your phones like that professor did (that seems creepy and weird) so I’ll just have to trust you.

Go 4 straight hours without any media-phone, TV, laptop, etc. Leave your house/dorm by yourself. Either go somewhere you’ve never been or pay attention to a place (the squirrels on campus, the font and colors in the Hub) that you are always in but never give regard to. Give me 500 words on your experiences.

Again, I’m trusting you. There’s no way for me to know if you don’t do this and just bullshit 500 words. However, you should think about your relationship with your phone if you’re so addicted you have to lie to a nice person like me:)

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