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Many Chinese companies provide “dormitories” for their workers requiring employees to remain there away from their families and to work 10 to 12 hours a day 6 days a week at very low wages. Saturdays are considered a normal business day throughout Chinese industry. Employees are allowed to visit their families one weekend per month though many cannot do so since their families live too far away. In other words, how Foxconn (Apple’s subcontractor) is treating workers is quite normal in China.

Write your paper about these issues and questions:

  • Compare and contrast Apple’s and HP’s approach and the conditions at their respective suppliers Foxconn and Quanta.
  • What improvements has Foxconn made since the original story? How effective do you think those improvements have been? What do you think of the progress that has been made? Should Apple have been criticized for the working conditions at Foxconn? Why or why not? Should they still be criticized?
  • What ethical responsibilities does Apple have towards Foxconn’s workers in China? What should Apple do now, if anything? Should Apple and HP hold their suppliers to host country standards (i.e., China), home country standards (i.e., US) or something in between? Why?

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